The Ribble Pilot is offered very much in the style of the 1950s Specials that were available to fit the old Ford sidevalve and Austin Seven type chassis. In those days, all you got was the fibreglass shell and the internal framework was left to the builder to design.

We have gone one step further and designed an optional bespoke frame to fit the Triumph Herald and Vitesse rolling chassis, drivetrain and partial bulkhead (see
getting started for this concept). for this concept). As of January 2013, we have decided to split the frame from the package, allowing the builder to either purchase it separately (£250), build or commission their own from supplied drawings or design their own. The Perspex screen has also become a builder option, though  the GRP base is still a part of the package. This allows us to supply any of the Pilot, Pilot CV or Navigator packages at a single price of £999!
The Ribble Pilot Body Kit includes the Body Shell with Bonnet and Screen Base at £999
There are some options to the basic Pilot kit as shown below:
A Skeletal 20mm square tube frame incorporating petrol tank (Spitfire) mount that not only stiffens the original chassis but gives you your body bracing framework - frames are supplied as bare metal to enable you to finish to your own specifications - £250
OPTIONAL STEEL LOWERED FLOORPANS - Add £275 to the package  - These are fabricated using 3mm steel and are supported on all four sides by the chassis floor rails
These dropped floorpans increase room in the car by lowering the seating position - Ideal for the taller driver
Floor Pans
The Standard Pilot Package includes the Body Shell with Bonnet and Screen Base at £999
For alternative body options please amend the package price accordingly. body options please amend the package price accordingly.
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